Sell with confidence.
Present professionally.
Save time.

Clear Design That Gets You Noticed

Logo design and visual identity with a touch of strategy. Designed to help you sell with more confidence, present your business professionally and save time and energy.

What's been holding you back…

Your audience is missing out on your real value.

What’s clear to you might not always be the case for your audience. Mixed messages and a lack of consistency can easily create confusion rather than attraction.

Your logo does not represent you.

You feel like there is a disconnect between who you are, the quality of what you can deliver and what the visual aspects of what your brand currently looks like. And this can be a drain on your confidence.

Your efforts are divided.

Creating visuals that lack purpose, consistency and quality takes an amount of time and energy that you could be using to have a more meaningful impact with your audience and clients.

The process.

Discovery and planning

Understand your business.

Have clear picture of the positive impact you have in your audience. Create a plan to deliver a message that reflects this value so they understand what you can do for them.

  • Discovery sessions and exercises
  • Writing on a solid brief for a design project
  • Planning a roadmap to deliver our insights to your audience

Logo design and style guides

Create a visual identity.

Give your message and your voice the best chance of being heard with a powerful, relevant and beautiful visual identity design. A design that is relevant to your personality and your audience visual language.

  • Agree on a visual language through style scapes

  • Create a logo that matches this language

  • Develop a simple set of rules to maintain visual consistency

Touch points and templates

Guide by simplicity.

We’ll make it easy for you to apply your new visual identity by creating any relevant touch points for your business; website, social profiles, post templates, presentation templates, etc. These will make it quicker and easier to promote your business.

  • Prioritise and agree on what needs to be designed
  • Create and review all new designs
  • Deliver all assets, templates and designs to you

The Result.

Work that we’ve done for past clients

He is always helpful, delivers work on time and to a high standard. He understands our brand and helps us to develop our business through this.
Cassie Woods
Patient and efficiency The result has always been perfect and of very high quality. He is very efficient, easy to deal with and very helpful. He is my first port of call when I need a good designer.
Michala Slavikova
Juan has provided great graphic design for a number of key documents we needed that were client facing. His speed, responsiveness and attitude are fantastic.
Dev Modi
The Omega Academy

What’s on your mind?

About me

Hi, I’m Juan! I create logos and visual identities for growing coaches who want to expand their brand so they can attract higher-end clients and charge more. I do this by providing guidance on improving their visual presence and communication. 

I have a passion for helping other people bring their ideas to life. I like doing this through design that supports communication and helps improve recognition.

For the past decade I have had the privilege to help different form of creative agencies, individuals and independent business owners across many industries such as hospitality, coaching, apparel, craft, marketing, and more.